Our Story

Cosmoderm is a brand under Vanity Cosmeceutical Sdn Bhd (553690-W). Since its inception in 2002, Cosmoderm has established itself as a trusted brand that is committed to providing Halal personal care products for the skin and body with ingredients derived from Nature's bounty. Our products contain active plant-based ingredients - flowers, fruits and herbs with documented and proven benefits for our skin. As skin is organic, like nature, it is only fitting that the richness of nature's bounty is utilised to boost the skin's natural ability to protect, heal and repair itself.

Our Belief is that our skin and bodycare products with plant-based ingredients have to be specially formulated to nurture the skin and boost this natural ability of skin to renew itself, providing the platform for skin to revive its natural beauty. As a result, our skin will become healthier and more beautiful naturally. At the same time, customers can be assured that all our products can be used with confidence, by all including Muslims as we adhere strictly to guidelines to retain our Halal certification and ensure product efficacy.

Our Mission is to develop products with that are safe and effective in combating and defeating everyday skin problems. Our ingredients are not only Halal, they are also effective in solving targeted skin problems as well as maintaining great-looking skin at any age. As a home-grown Malaysian brand and an early entry in the Halal market for personal care products, our experience has helped us to understand Asian skin and customer needs. We are also nimble enough to use the feedback from customers to improve and enhance our products quickly.

Our Commitment is to ensure high quality products at affordable prices for skin-lovers everywhere regardless of age, skin type or gender. We are committed to developing products that contain primarily plant based natural active ingredients, are non-toxic, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested. We will not compromise on any process or ingredient that can be harmful to the skin or risk our Halal certification in the long run even if short term benefits are seen.

At Cosmoderm:

  • We believe in offering the best to our people, be it customer or employees.
  • We are against animal testing and environmentally damaging chemicals with our processes.
  • We maintain the integrity of the Halal concept in not just what we produce and market but also in our conduct and culture.
  • Our products are guaranteed 100% Halal by Jakim and we renew our certification regularly.

Our product ranges are:

  • Vitamin E with Rosehip Oil - for normal skin
  • Tea Tree Oil - for oily & blemished skin
  • Q10 Gentle - for sensitive and mature skin
  • Luminous Pearl - for skin lightening
  • Hygiene Wash - for feminine care
  • Body Care - for a more beautiful body

Cosmoderm is available in over 1500 independent pharmacies as well as in selected Guardian, Vitacare, Alpro and AEON Wellness stores. To check out the outlet closest to you, click this link.