What to Do When Your Skin is Red & Angry?!


What to Do When Your Skin is Red & Angry?!

Caring for your skin is a delicate balance between maintaining a good skincare routine and knowing your limits. With Japanese and Korean skincare trends that lauded their extensive skincare routine, it’s easy to fall into the trap of adding more and more products into your routine. One common mistake that can lead to red and inflamed skin is over-exfoliating. 

Over-exfoliation is more common than you think. This can happen when you exfoliate your skin too often or use exfoliating products that contain harsh ingredients. Either way, over-exfoliation can severely damage your skin’s protective barrier and make your skin throw a massive temper tantrum. 

Having temperamental and sensitive skin is most definitely not fun. Thus, nursing your skin back to its optimum health is vital. If you are struggling with such experience, we recommend using Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Series as your basic skincare routine. This range contains Calamine and Prebiotic ingredients that help to soothe skin irritation, reduce inflammation, and improve the skin’s protective barrier. This range is also fragrance-free as well as undergone comprehensive dermatological testings so it is safe to be used on your sensitive skin.

Step 1:    
Rest your skin for at least 3 days from any skincare products aside from using a mild cleanser such as amino-acid based Perfect Balanced Gentle Cleansing Liquid. A cold compress can also help to reduce the burning sensation. 

Step 2:    
Use Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion formulated with 20,000 ppm Calamine to calm redness and prep the skin with better absorption to increase the effectiveness of your routine. 

Step 3:
Use Perfect Balanced Soothing WOW Cream, a lightweight cream formulated with 30,000 ppm Prebiotic that soothes and calms the skin. With a unique Water-in-Oil-in-Water formulation, this product helps to restore the skin’s moisture to improve the skin's natural barrier. 

Step 4:
With your skin being ultra-sensitive, it is a good measure to add in sunscreen such as Perfect Balanced Sunmilk with SPF 25 PA++ to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that exist in sun rays as well as indoor lighting. UV rays can weaken your skin barrier as well as the protein fibres in the deeper layers of the skin. Be generous with the amount of sunscreen used so that your over-exfoliated skin may heal as quickly as possible. 

We highly recommend using this routine until your skin is healthy and happy again before transitioning back to a skincare routine based on your skin type. 

Your skin should never feel uncomfortable or inflamed. If you are experiencing this, maybe it’s time to listen to what your skin needs.

“A Healthy Skin is a Beautiful Skin”